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As Audeamus is currently housed at University Honors at UC Riverside, board members must be a member of University Honors at UCR to apply to be part of the Audeamus Board.  However, for those undergraduates, staff, or faculty not in University Honors or attending UC Riverside, we welcome Audeamus ambassadors to help spread the word and be part of our team!

For anyone interested in being a part of Audeamus, either as a member or a lead, please email Faculty Advisor Dr. Richard Cardullo at .

2021-2022 Audeamus Board

Meet The Leads


Samantha Park is a fourth year student double majoring in Creative Writing and English. She is a published poet and aspiring novelist. Her life-goal is to become a full-time writer, however, she plans to work as an Editor at a publishing company after graduation. If she's not reading, writing, or drinking iced coffee, you can find her in one of the many meetings she runs for various organizations on campus.

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Editor in Chief

Samantha Park


Design & Production Coordinator

Tiffany Mai is a second year student majoring in Anthropology. She is a published yearbook photographer and aspiring researcher, graphic designer, and photographer. Tiffany is excited to further promote Audeamus' prevalence by producing meaningful content laced with an eye-catching aesthetic style.  If she's not designing the pages for Audeamus, you can find her listening to Kpop, reading, or taking 200 photos of pretty plates of food.

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Tiffany Mai


Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Marilyn Garcia is a fourth year Political Science and Administrative Studies major at UCR. She plans to get her M.A. in either Economics or Business. Marilyn hopes to be involved with local politics, work alongside her district representatives, or do legislative work. She is open to exploring her interests and gaining experience to hopefully make a meaningful impact in the future of her community.

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​Marilyn Garcia

Meet The Editorial Board


Evelyn Homan is a second-year student double majoring in English and Creative Writing. Her eventual career goal is to be a professor of literature as well as a published author. Her hobbies include reading, writing, knitting, and watching extremely long video essays on topics she knows nothing about.

Staff Editor

Evelyn Homan


Shanelle Huynh is a fourth-year majoring in creative writing, with a minor in business. Her major concentration is in both fiction and poetry. When she’s not writing, she’s reading Young Adult, binging Love Island UK, or singing into her karaoke machine in the kitchen.

Staff Editor

Shanelle Huynh


Ananna Ahamed is a fourth-year student triple majoring in History, Anthropology, Comparative Ancient Civilization, with Italian as a minor. She likes to spend her free time reading books and watching anime.

Staff Editor

Ananna Ahamed

Picture Filler.png

Angela Yin is a second-year art history and business administration major in the honors program. Future career options include working in either academia or the museum industry. In addition to academics and her work-study job as a gallery attendant, she plays chess, writes for a wiki on internet aesthetics, and watches horror movies.

Staff Editor

Angela Yin

Picture Filler.png

Mowkthika Kavuri is a Neuroscience (B.S.) major with a minor in Entomology (B.S.) She loves reading books, mainly thriller and horror books. During her free time, you can either find her playing tennis or hanging out her friends.

Staff Editor

Mowkthika Kavuri 

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