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Our Mascot, Bumbledeer:


Albert Cornelius Bumbledeer is the mascot for Audeamus. He was originally designed by the first Audeamus Editorial board, meant to blend the old ideas of writing with the new. Audeamus, meaning “Let us dare” in Latin, seeks to re-envision a dead language as the place where new works and fresh ideas can begin. Bumbledeer combines this old ideology with a new way of looking at things, whether through an eyeglass or a journal. We also just like him for his hipster mustache and his certain je ne sais quoi, despite being a 2-dimensional Englishman.


Mr. Bumbledeer was born in London, England in 1940. At an early age he discovered that his left eye did not favor sight as much as his right, but being deathly afraid of contacts, he adopted a monocle. He pursued an education in London, but found they did not approve of his bowler hat in the classroom, which he wore because of his receding hairline in the 8th grade.


He then traveled to United States where he attended UC Riverside to pursue a degree in the arts, involving himself in numerous publications. While our story could end here, Bumbledeer also had a dark side; a curious habit, if you will. He would sneak into the campus at night and steal various works that people had thrown away in the trash, whether it be essays, research, or art. His obsession became so terribly consuming that he traveled to other campuses in the UC system, haunting unsuspecting college students until they reluctantly handed him their work.  It was becoming quite troublesome. One day, the University president found out and had Bumbledeer taken to the UC police station where he confessed his crimes. Determining he was too dignified for prison, they sentenced him for the rest of his life to create a publication using the works he had taken so that all the writers and artists had their credit in the end.


This went on for years until he passed away in 2007 from pure, creative exhaustion. The University Honors students at UCR felt they needed to keep his spirit alive, and every year collect works from undergraduate students across the nation in honor of Bumbledeer. He was at his core a good and bright man despite his peculiarities; after all, who can blame a man for a simple compulsion to publish an eclectic band of works?

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