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Audeamus Design Theme 2022-2023 

The design theme* for the 16th edition is WONDER.


*Every year, the Audeamus board chooses a design theme for the journal. While the theme this year touches upon the types of submissions we would like to receive, it is not meant to restrict submissions to those items strictly defined by the customary definition; rather, it is meant to act as a loose term open to a literal universe of interpretations.


Coming Soon.png

Audeamus Design Theme 2021-2022 

The design theme* for the 15th edition is BLOOM.


Audeamus Design Theme 2019 - 2020


The design theme for the 14th edition is REFLECTION.

Audeamus 14th Edition.jpg
Audeamus Cover.jpg

AUDEAMUS Design Theme 2018 - 2019


The design theme for the 13th edition is RISE.


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